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This is a staple in any kind of wardrobe. I mean first the cable is just... gorgeous. There's the perfect amount of it and they're the perfect size for the garment. But, lets think about colours. Black with a bit of red? Goth. Cream with a bit of brown or blue? Preppy academic vibes. Dark brown with a bit of black? Library chic. Any kind of pastels? Literally the most vibey outfit you can think of. You can so easily make this a statement piece or you can make it blend with the rest of your wardrobe for some easy layering. The sky really is the limit, here!

This has been written in King Cole Fashion Aran, and it might make sense for you to use the 400g balls rather than the 100g balls depending on your size. If you can't see the 400g in the colour you want, give us a shout and we can order it in.

You'll need 4mm and 5mm needles, along with a cable needle and some stitch holders.