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I love that King Cole are giving us some accessories knitted in the round, for such small pieces I think the lack of seaming is just a delight. If you've never done in the round stuff before it might be a bit of a learning curve but it's well worth it and I think doing bits that hurt your head a little bit is really why we're knitting - it's good for mind, body and spirit to struggle a little bit (of course, if you're struggling so much you want to chuck it out the window please come and see us/ring us!!). There's some basic lace on the blue snood and the red/pink gloves so that's even a bit more to get into. Love it. 

This has been written in King Cole Riot DK a wool and acrylic blend that self stripes. You'll need 3.75mm and 4mm circulars for the hat and snood - 40cm for the hat and 80cm for the cowl - we've got the Addi brand here for a metal version, and the Clover brand here for bamboo. You'll also need 3.75mm and 4mm double pointed needles for the mitts and the top of the hat. You'll find both of those sizes within the Clover brand.