King Cole

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So I cannot claim that a garment in moss stitch would be a very enjoyable knit (although, plenty of people tell me they love doing it!) but what I do know is that the moss stitch will go some way to breaking up the colours in this delightful yarn. One of the things that people talk about worrying about in a yarn like this is that the colours will pool on top of each other which could be unfortunate in an adult garment (I'm thinking big splodges on the boobs basically) but the moss stitch breaks things up so that even if there is a bit of pooling the colours are more combined than they would be. Please don't forget that you can always mix and match the sleeves on these pieces, so if you want the slimmer fit which is shown on the cardigan you can totally pop those on the jumper. 

You'll need some Jitterbug, some 3.25mm and 4.5mm needles for either piece. You'll also need three buttons for the cardi and four buttons for the sweater