King Cole

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Stop it! Because I have genuinely been lamenting how few berets you see nowadays. When I first started knitting properly - 20 or so years ago now - berets were the thing! It sort of mutated over the years - lacey ones, cabled ones, fairisled ones, slouchy ones, traditional ones, but berets for days and then all of a sudden you didn't see a beret anywhere but now King Cole are making a stand and I am here for it! The second of the beret patterns in this yarn and I love it. Coupled with this cute shawl/scarf thing with pom poms and honestly, it's right up my street. Nice and easy, bish, bash, bosh. 

You'll need some Jitterbug, some 4.5mm needles for the cowl scarf, some 3.75mm and 4mm for the beret, some 3.25mm and 3.75mm for the gloves and a 6mm circular for the triangular scarf (they say you need straight ones for that too but if you're going to use a circular later on for when there's loads of stitches you might as well start on the circular I think).