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I want to make these all SUPER big and hang them from my ceiling. I've never been happier to see bugs in my life! These squishy friends are a great way to get kids used to seeing bugs and not being scared of them. But, on the offchance you've got a bug-loving child (or if you adore bugs yourself) then this pattern is definitely for you. That caterpillar looks so happy to bee included! (Ha... bee... get it?) These are going to be a fun knit, and they'll work up lovely and quickly in the Yummy. 

This lovely collection has been made in King Cole Yummy Chunky, and it's as yummy as its name - so soft! If you're not looking for something as fluffy-y or chenille-y as Yummy, Big Value Chunky would also work well here!

You'll need 4mm needles and toy stuffing.