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With unicorns being all the rage right now, I'm sure you know someone in your life who would adore these! The textured manes on the unicorn cushions are going to be so nice to fidget with without sacrificing comfort and cuteness. You've got super comfy cushions, super cute little unicorn toys... what's not to love? And, hey, if you don't like unicorns, take off the horn and BAM, it's a horse. 

This pattern has been written in King Cole Yummy Chunky, a super soft chenille-y yarn that will be perfect for any kid's bedroom decor.

For the cushion, you'll need 5mm and 6mm needles, along with a cushion pad and three 16" buttons.

For the unicorn toy, you'll need 4.5mm and 5.5mm needles, toy stuffing and 16mm safety eyes (but if you're giving these to a truly little one, it's best to embroider the eyes instead).