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Literally the best pattern in the shop. 

Come on. It's DINOSAURS. It's perfect.  (Yes, this is Casper writing this description).

Three dinos; a stegosaurus, a triceratops, a T-rex. You know, the big three that everyone loves! I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to knit any of these little guys. The stegosaurus looks so comfortable, the triceratops has such cute little horns, and look at the T-rex's stubby little arms. Gorgeous. Amazing. Perfect.  I mean, the T-rex is 28cm high! That's huge! Hey, imagine making him in super chunky...

(Also I've just realised they have names on the pattern and I wanna cry.)

This pattern has been written in King Cole Comfort Aran and Dollymix DK. You'll need 3mm and 4mm needles, along with toy stuffing.