King Cole

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Hello, my name is Casper, and I have said this about a few patterns but this REALLY IS MY FAVOURITE PATTERN IN THE SHOP**. Something about Splishy and Splashy's (yep, that's their official pattern names) cute happy little faces and the funky clothing choices brings me joy. I know they're mean to be clowns, but I would literally dress like this in real life if I could. Absolutely FANTABULOUS. Of course, no one is saying you can't make these little guys in neutral tones and make them fashionable. I just like the cut of their jib!

We're going to recommend King Cole Pricewise DK for these patterns (and Tinsel Chunky for the hair) but you could use a lot of stash yarns to make these friends truly unique.

You'll need 3mm and 4mm needles, 20mm safety eyes, toy stuffing, safety pins and cardboard for the hat and shoe inserts.


**this was written in early 2021 and has since changed to ONE of my favourite patterns in the shop, because we have literally thousands