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There's a knitting adventure to be had? Alpaca my stash!

Yep, you guessed it - King Cole have struck gold with this alpaca pattern. You can choose between two different sizes - 42cm and 36cm (though I am left wondering if the larger size could be considered a llama) and they would be a quick make for a charity stall or a last minute birthday present. 

It is also another excellent pattern suitable for newbie knitters. It uses 3mm and 5mm needles and is knitted in King Cole Tinsel Chunky. This is an eyelash yarn to give the alpaca its glamour. If you wanted to give this a try with a yarn where it was easier to see the stitches, I would recommend our King Cole Big Value Chunky which comes in many alpaca-ery shades and won't break the bank. You will also need a small amount of DK contrasting yarn for the face of your alpaca - we recommend our King Cole Dolly Mix DK but you could use any DK in your stash. 

For finishing they will also need 7mm or 9mm safety eyes and toy stuffing.