King Cole

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Hello, this is the greatest Tinsel Chunky pattern ever written. I feel like raccoons can get a bad rep across the pond, but over here we know how cute they are AND we don't have to deal with them rummaging through our bins. Red pandas, though? Oh My Gosh, gorgeous. The Tinsel yarn makes these so fluffy and sparkly, and with two sizes of each animal, you can make a little army of soft furry friends.

This has been written for King Cole Tinsel Chunky, though you will need a small amount of black DK for the features. You'll need 5mm needles and toy stuffing too. For the red panda, you'll need 15mm or 10.5mm safety eyes depending on if you're making the big or small one, and for the raccoons you'll need 12mm or 10.5mm safety eyes.