Clover Bamboo Circular Needles 120cm


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These needles are really something else. If you've been put off bamboo needles because they tend to be dull and blunt then you're on another planet here and if you've had experience of splitting or breaking with other brands, then again, you're in a different world because of the quality of materials. These will break down over time, it's a natural product after all but we're talking years and many many projects, not the one project and you're done.

The joins between the needles are smooth - either with a metal fixer for the smaller sizes and some sort of magic glue for the larger sizes. You'll not notice either way. The cable has a bit of bite to it, makes it great for magic loop and it kind of stays where you put it. 

These 120cm needles work for large garments or oversized garments, larger projects worked in magic or travelling loop like cowls or blankets and shawls worked back and forth. If you need help working out which length will work for you give us a call. 

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