Rosarios4 Capuccino Aran


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This is an unusual yarn!!! It's literally made of milk fibre! Fibre made from leftover milk that would otherwise go to waste - apparently it's not that new-fangled a thing but designed before the second world war. Nylon took over in popularity and milk got pushed to the side - there was also the pesky detail of having to use dangerous chemicals in production which made it less than ideal for a gorgeous, smooshy yarn. But that's been dealt with now, with a much cleaner process, and it's using a waste product so here we are in the circular economy! 

The milk adds a shine and a lustre to what would otherwise be a pretty basic aran wool yarn, and it also adds something of a kind of heavier, silky feel. There's a slight heather-y tone to the colours although they're fairly plain, it's just enough to make it more interesting and to really pick out a cable. Gorgeous. 

  • Fibre: 70% Wool, 30% Polylactide.
  • Amount: 50g.
  • Metres: 95 metres.
  • Yards: 104 yards.
  • Washing: 30 degrees gentle wash.
  • Suggested Hook: 6.5 to 7mm though we mostly use a 5 to 5.5mm.
  • Suggested Needle: 6.5 to 7mm though we mostly use a 5 to 5.5mm.
  • Stocking Stitch Gauge: 13 sts by 18 rows over 4"(10cm) (although I've never been convinced by that, call it a standard aran tension).