Nordic Chunky Is Here!

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Good day, everyone! I say that because it actually is a good day - King Cole Nordic Chunky has arrived in-store and oh it is wondrous to behold. 

You may remember we showed a slight bit of resistance when the King Cole Fjord DK came out, which we now willingly describe as one of the most gorgeous self patterning yarns we know of. It stripes up in a fair-isle effect, and since its conception people have been crying out for a chunky version. Well, here it is!

A 3/4 profile shot of shelves of yarn looking very full. THe yarn is brilliantly multicoloured in earthy shades.

King Cole Nordic Chunky is a behemoth of a yarn. 200m of pure bliss in every 150g ball, and it's 20% superwash merino to boot! The rest is acrylic, meaning that while this wool content is going to keep you super warm, this yarn is going to be hard wearing and suitable for wearing a lot. And, trust me, you're going to want to wear this a lot. We've got eight shades in stock and I genuinely can't pick one as my favourite. Possibly the pinky-purpley Tove (4804), but also that lime greeny one, Sune (4806). Oh, but then there's the gorgeous deep blue in Frode (4800)...

The colours are gorgeous, yes, but the real star quality of this yarn is the patterning it makes. Here's the little shop sample we've got, but of course the patterns show this off the best. 

A shot of a circle of knitting, in dark blues with a white fair-isle effect pattern going around it.

I'm pointing out 5906 because Eleanor is in love with it, and for good reason. The cardigan on the front is cute, with a satisfying shape and a ROUND YOKE, but Eleanor's planning on knitting the jumper on the back, again with the round yoke but god, don't you think this just looks so classic? I adore it. 

My personal favourite is 5905, purely because of the vest on the front having massive armholes, which is interesting and vibey and I love it, okay? That turtle neck, the endless layering possibilities without feeling restricted or giving a bit of sensory overload, the fact that it's super SUPER easy knit... oh, it's gorgeous. I love it. Will I make it? Possibly, when I've gotten through my WIP pile the size of the Himalayas. Should you make it instead of me? Yes.

In the listings of the patterns I've been poking a bit of fun at King Cole because whenever they release a new yarn, it's a standard that they'll bring out one homewares multipattern, and one accessories multipattern, and I get genuinely upset when a new yarn comes out and these patterns aren't released. Heartbreaking! But, we're in luck here. 5908 is packed full of hats and neck warming items and gloves and just squooshy goodness, and 5909 utilises the colour changing in the Nordic Chunky so well on that blanket, I actually can't believe how well it works. 

This yarn has endless possibilities, truly. It looks the best in stocking stitch but of course so many patterns use stocking stitch for the majority of the piece. If you've found a pattern with a gorgeous shape, but the wool is a bit bland and you want something that will pop in the autumn and winter, this is the yarn for you. We're thrilled to have it in and we really hope you love it too. 

I've made a collection here where you can find all of the patterns and the yarn but of course you can always find it by searching for the yarn in the search bar too. Enjoy this gorgeous yarn, because we're all going to!

Love Casper x

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