King Cole

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I don't know how well you can see this pattern actually but it's interesting! Repeating which should mean it doesn't blow your mind, but a cute and delicate mix of lace and cables. I also want to draw your attention to the buttons on the left shoulder of the jumper - I adore this look!! I can just imagine it in navy with golden buttons or perhaps a mustard with wooden buttons. Oh me, oh my. 

The pattern is written for the Cottonsoft Candy which is interchangeable with the Cottonsoft DK and and the Cottonsoft Crush and Baby Crush but I'm also going to recommend the Drifter Subtle DK which is still a bit cottony but also warmer because of the wool and acrylic content (especially note that stunning Mustard colourway!). 

You will need 3.75mm and 4mm needles, and a cable needle.