King Cole

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Objectively ugly and functionally useless, this waste of paper is perhaps our favourite pattern King Cole has ever made. The pure camp delight of purchasing large amounts of smooth, soft King Cole Glitz DK in it's most hideous colour and covering your whole body in it is absolutely wonderful. Be assured, while this review is rightfully terrible, we love it in equal measure and if you make this, we will love you as well. Please send us pictures xx

If you fancy an all-seasons cape in the same oeuvre, you could try knitting it in the King Cole Riot DK for similarly luminous colourway. Or, if you want something 'sensible' (it's a cape, for crying out loud), then the black colourway in the King Cole Drifter Subtle DK would be wonderful.

Knitted on 3.25mm, 3.75mm, and 4mm straight needles, stitch markers and a 4mm 100cm circular needle may be needed which we stock from Addi and from Clover