King Cole

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I was so excited when this was released. If I remember rightly it was just a sort of random release - maybe to promote these new colours - but it came on its own and it's all the lovelier for it. It let people really appreciate how pretty it is. If you've scanned through a few of my descriptions you'll know I'm bit on pieces that can be mixed and matched and made to suit your personal needs and wants and this has all of that - cardigan, jumper, long sleeve, short sleeve and the shape of the pieces are cute so why not leave the lace out completely? Or put in new lace? Or more cables? Or Or Or! So many possibilities. 

It's written for the Cottonsoft DK which I think it a great choice for a lacy jumper as it's got a weight to it plus the stitch definition that you get from cotton but I think something like the Majestic would automatically take this piece into autumn and winter. You'll need some 3.25mm and 4mm needles, some stitch holders and a cable needle