King Cole

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This is one of those patterns that really takes your breath away doesn't it? I MUST make it as a shop sample, but I'm expecting it to sell out a couple of times in the shop before I get around to it. Maybe I'll use it as my Christmas project. It's charted for ease of use - if you've never used one before, it's very simple, each square is a stitch and you read it from the bottom right and then snake back and forth upwards until you've knitted every stitch. Let us know if you need some help! 

That snowflake is begging to be put on a jumper - am I right?!

Originally knitted in King Cole Cottonsoft DK, you could feasibly use any double knit for this pattern.

For this pattern, you're going to need 3.75mm needles. For the cushion, pick up a 40cm x 40cm washable cushion pad.