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In chatting about these patterns as we're putting them up here it turns out that Casper doesn't understand knitted homeware** but I think he just doesn't understand that the snuggle is real. Blankets are obvious, I think, most people 'get' that but these runners are basically bed shawls. So imagine, hot chocolate (maybe with a shot of whisky, maybe with squirty cream, maybe with marshmallows, maybe with all three and sprinkles, no judging here), knitting or crochet, a good history documentary on the tv, furry friends hanging around, children in bed, partners just somewhere else, and you've got one of these draped around your shoulders because - wait for it - IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE AND YOU ARE WARM AND COSY! Wow I can't wait for winter. 

These homewares have been knitted in King Cole Rosarium Super Chunky, and you'll need 20mm and 15mm needles along with a cable needle for the cable runner.

**Not necessarily true, I get blankets and cushions - its mainly that I don't understand what a bed runner is and why people want them, but that's because I never make my bed. To each their own!!!