King Cole

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I'm not even sure I need to write copy for this pattern because it speaks for itself. Six sock patterns, written in the best non-wool sock yarns that King Cole have to offer, knitted in the round, ranging from beginner to intermediate, with multiple different lengths and patterns. Do I actually need to continue with this obviously perfect offering from King Cole?

This has been written with King Cole's Summer 4ply, Cotton Socks 4ply and Footsie 4ply in mind. However we've got some great sock yarns like the new Simply Footsie 4ply and the sparkly Opal Pretty 4ply that would work brilliantly as well.

You'll need either 4 x 2.25mm DPNs, or 2.25mm circular needles (long for magic loop method unless you want to use short ones with a spare needle for turning the heel). If you're not sure what is best for you, reach out and we can advise!