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One of my best friends from school is having a baby and if I find out it's a girl I am MAKING THE HECK OUT OF THIS! Not that I'm into the gender binary stuff, especially for not babies, but I think she is and any excuse to make pretty, lacey, pinky thingies! I love it! How traditional but not sickly. I genuinely like and will make the whole kit and caboodle to be honest.

This is nice simple lace, not much to it and it's methodical, there's also lots of stocking stitch so I hope you won't find it overwhelming. Keep an eye ball on where the holes are falling on the first row of each flower bit - so it's definitely in the middle of each motif and then on the third row so that the holes are either side of the first one and you'll be right. Don't be afraid to read your knitting!

Also, please, please, I implore you, put some ribbon in the lines of lacey holes at the bottom of the hat, sleeves and cardi! 

This is written for the lovely King Cole Cottonsoft DK. The needles are 3.25mm and 4mm straights and you'll need some stitch markers and stitch holders.