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King Cole

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I literally squealed when I saw this pattern! These are rugs. RUGS. and a cute little cushion. Ignore the fact that you're stepping on the face of a cute panda or bear, and just revel in the vibes of this pattern. They will be pretty easy to make, too, as you're mainly just crocheting circles. Literally the cutest thing King Cole have put out.

This is written for a yarn we don't stock, but if you look at pattern 9097, you'll see the effect you can get by using a stiff brush to fluff up normal spun yarn. So, for that reason, I'm recommending Big Value Super Chunky, as it's hardwearing and will stand up to foot traffic, and if you want that fluffy look, brush it out!

You'll need 5mm and 6mm crochet hooks, a stitch marker, and a 14" cushion pad for the teddy cushion.