King Cole Footsie 4Ply

King Cole

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This is the purpose built acrylic sock yarn of our dreams. It self-stripes like it's titular fruits (we like watermelon and dragon fruit the best) to make gorgeous, hardwearing, comfortable socks.

It's got a gorgeous smooth feel, and it's a very round yarn strand. The PBT adds some stretch as well as durability, but this doesn't interfere with the knitting at all, it just adds extra comfort for wear.

It's a great vegan alternative to our sock staple the Opal Uni 4-Ply, and feels like a sister yarn to the King Cole Summer 4-Ply, which also makes excellent socks and comes in a small but perfectly formed 100g ball. We love knitting socks on the smallest Addi circulars, especially the 20cm, 25cm, and 30cms.