Playtime Pals Book 1

King Cole

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These fun patterns have been created by Carol Connelly and can I just say that they are absolutely adorable. Cute little knitted friends for your little ones and you even get to make them outfits like dungarees, a jumper and a backpack with a little water bottle for their pocket!!! This cute group of friends is perfect for the world of imagination and adventure. The dolls measure approximately 18 inches or 45cm which is pretty big! 

The suggested yarns are a mix of double knits - we'd be suggesting Pricewise and Dolly Mix out of our ranges for the most part and I would also encourage you to use up your bits and bobs. 

You'll need some straight needles - the main bodies use 3.5mm and then Jazz (black skin with a heart jumper) uses 4mm needles for their hair and Millie (white skin and blonde hair) uses 10mm for their hair. Other tools required are: stitch holders, stitch markers, toy filling, safety eyes, buttons, PVA glue and some false eyelashes (when I read that I was like.... ummm.... but it looks cute! We don't sell them funnily enough).