Drifter Subtle DK - Subtle in Shade, Not in Beauty

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It's coming up to that time in the year where no one really knows how to dress themselves for the weather. It's sunny, it's rainy, it's hailing, it's windy, and that all happens within a couple of minutes. However, oh boy do I have the yarn for you! A wool/cotton/acrylic blend sounds perfect for spring, doesn't it? Well...

The Drifter DK range in the shop has always been a customer favourite with its fantasically marled colourways and soft-as-butter texture. However, the Drifter Subtle DK brings those lush shades and that gorgeous feel together in a solid coloured yarn, designed to give you great definition when it comes to anything past plain stocking and garter stitch.

(Above is pattern 5484, a gender neutral gansey/fisherman's jumper)

Drifter Subtle DK has a composition of 69% premium acrylic, 25% cotton, and 6% wool, so it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There's a great meterage on this yarn too - 300 meters per 100g ball, so no playing yarn chicken with this one!

You may not be able to tell from the photos, but in the darker shades the Drifter Subtle DK has a two tone effect, giving it an air of fanciness that we love in this shop. Not only that, but the amount of shades here promise that you'll be able to use this yarn for men, women, nonbinary people, children, babies and anyone else you can think of, really. It's suitable for everyone and everyone absolutely adores it. 

You've seen pattern 5484 above, but here's a bigger photo for you - 

Pattern 5484, a navy blue gansey with a cable panel across the chest.

Isn't it lush? It's suitable for any adult who loves a smooshy soft cosy jumper to cuddle by a fire in. 

The pattern in the blog post's thumbnail is 5477, the most gorgeous sleeved poncho thingy with BOBBLES! But, if you're looking for something for the smaller people in life, pattern 5476 are the cutest little heart-lace ponchos. 5479 shows off just how great this yarn is for accessories, too. 

I think a lot of people stray away from lace because intentional holes in your knitting can seem really stressful. However, the Drifter Subtle DK lace patterns are going to be a great way for you to get comfortable with them with a yarn that handles beautifully.  Don't be afraid of the cables, either! There's really something for everyone here, but push yourself; 

There's little else I can say about this yarn because it is just perfectly luscious in every way. Here's a collection of all of our Drifter Subtle related things!

Have a great day, everyone.

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