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I'm sat in the shop watching the snow. I'm absolutely freezing. The ground is made of slush. It's March and it's been snowing for over 24 hours. So, what better time to talk about our gorgeous new summery Linendale DK?!

Jokes aside, the cold weather won't last for long and by the time you've finished a Linendale project the sun will be out and you'll be ready to show off your latest make. And, trust me, you're going to want to show off the Linendale.

This new summer yarn is a 57% cotton, 39% viscose and 13% linen blend, all wrapped up in a 50g ball of goodness. With 120 metres / 131 yards to a ball, too, that's a rather good little bundle of joy. I'm not really sure how to describe the texture other than... lush. It's super soft without it being too silky, it's matte with a little bit of shine. It's spun in such a way that it's a bit nubbly, with the threads of linen standing out ever so slightly. It's literally gorgeous. 

And when it's knitted up... that stitch definition is something else. It preserves the slightly-nubbly texture yet shows off your knits and purls like a dream. Here's what Eleanor's been knitting...

And here's how it looks crocheted, too. 

Look, I don't know why you haven't bought any yet. And if you have, are you sure you've got enough?

But, Casper, what can I make with this gorgeous yarn? I hear you ask. Worry not! King Cole have bestowed great gifts upon us.

Eight new patterns have been released for the Linendale. My personal favourites are 5990, this gorgeous long-sleeve top (it's what Eleanor's making in the purple above!) and 5989. I mean, look at that chevron-y lace! Gawjuss. You've got quite a few tops in this collection, but also some cardigans. I'm really trying hard not to cast on anything because I'm trying to finish a jumper I've been making for 1.5 years... But my willpower is running out.

We've made a collection of all of them here so you can have a proper gander. You're going to want to cast on something, I guarantee this. We've got a decent stock of the yarn too, but it's going fast, so try not to umm and ahh too much!

Love Casperrrr <3

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